Creating a short animation part 3: character designs and making the background

The next step in creating my short animation was to finalise the ‘look’ of the project. In all honesty, I should have spent a lot more time on this than I did BUT I have a very limited amount of time to complete the animation so I want to start actually animating as soon as possible.

Since the story I chose to base my animation on is a childrens story, it makes sense that my animation should also be aimed at children. For this reason I wanted my characters and scenery to be bright and colourful to appeal to a young audience.

below are some colour tests I did. I decided to go with the third colour scheme because I felt that the contrast between the characters and the background wasn’t enough in the first two.


The next image is the background I have created for my animation. To allow me to pan the background I made it double the width of the screen size I will be using.


The final two images below are my character designs. I would have liked to spend more time developing these and creating full character sheets showing them from all angles and with a variety of poses and facial expressions but unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do this.

I have kept the design of the characters simple for two reasons, firstly to appeal to a young audience and secondly to make my life that little bit easier when it comes to animating (again a time issue). The colouring is flat for the same reason, due to the amount of extra time that would be needed to add shading to the characters on every frame I don’t think it would be a sensible decision.





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